Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mellow Yellow: Flying

Last week we had a snow storm in the middle of our winter. These are my archived photos taken in Christchurch with my Kai Sister, Kim Chew Yaw Kim.

This was my commentary I wrote that Sept.

Today, I had the best ever holiday I had, apart from the Black Water Rafting I did about 12 years ago at Waitomoto caves.

I went flying, I don't mean flying in a commercial jumbo plane or Fokker friendship. I flew in a tiger moth. Yes, I mean tiger moth.

I went to Christchurch to visit my old friends. They took me to Loburn, to visit Ivan and Sandy Campbell. We were all excited as we drove to North Canterbury to Loburn Abbey airfield, as we knew we were going to fly in this special plane. Our oldest "pilot" today was Mrs. Chew, aged 81. Paki Paki.

Thoughts of Jean batten conjured in my head. Ivan and Sandra make their own planes and are the creators of the World's only Class leather hard shell flying helmet. Ivan gave us flights and I am so grateful for their generousity.

We all had a marvelous time, looking at the picturesque snow laden mountains, the paddocks, the horses, the sheep and the cows.



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