Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ABC Wed: Letter B for bait

Bait, not any bait , but fly bait.
In summer, we are blessed with warm sunny weather,
But we are also swarmed with unwelcome flies.
We got these sticky made-in-china tapes.
It really works,
It looks awful and rather embarrassing,
BUT it works.



Leslie: said...

Yes, that does work, but it does look awfully icky, doesn't it?

abcw team

Melanie said...

I'd love it if bugs would learn to leave us alone- wouldn't you? :)

Hope you enjoy that lovely warm weather you are having this week!

Roger Owen Green said...

Yes, icky is the word!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Black Jack's Carol said...

We used these at home when I was a kid, but even then, I hated them. i will admit they work though :)