Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flowers: Amazing Grace.

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind but now I see.

"Amazing Grace" - the hymn that inspires hope in the wake of tragedy ?

Although Newton first wrote the words to "Amazing Grace" in 1772, it was not until 60 years later that the text was wed to the tune to which it is sung today.

I was in middle school when my American teacher Miss Jackie Fries taught us at assembly two hymns, Amazing Grace and How great  thou art. They remain my favourite songs. 

During the early days of my bereavement, when everything seems lost, and God was so far away, I couldn't read or pray. Singing Amazing Grace was one way to cry out to God. 

Some people tell me that I dwell too much on my loss. To move on. God gave me Andrew and then take him away gave me a special ministry. I minister not just to bereaved parents of babies. I minister to any bereaved mums.

Today, something very special happened. I did not want to go to church because I had a nasty fall and I have scabs all over my knees and elbows and a bruised eye. I woke up at 4am. I wasn't going to church. But God had other plans.

A woman who had come to ESOL class before, and I had invited her to church, came. After church, I went to talk to her. After a brief chit chat she told me her daughter died. Then it connected that I knew about this accident from two sources. I asked her, and she said yes. I led her to sit down and I told her, "It's OK to cry." She had been suppressing her grieve and things are so bad that she didn't want to live.

I am going to walk with her, and help her. and I will encourage her to listen to Amazing Grace. 

I told a matured Christian, and she said" Yes, that's your ministry."


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Cheryl said...

You have a most beautiful gift in reaching out to others. How fortunate that you did indeed go to church, there was a purpose for you. I too love these hymns, my grandmother and greatgrandmother used to hum them all the time. They bring tears to my eyes when singing them.