Saturday, January 26, 2013

Knitted: Baby blanket

  I used to knit a lot, but have stopped because I spend too much time on the computer.I walked to the local craft shop, and it was difficult trying to tell the lady that I was going to knit for a dead baby.  Then I decided to knit for premature ones. So now I go knit purl, knit purl. This is easy.

 I found on the internet, the neonatal website and called. A very friendly voice answered. She even offered to come and pick it up. But I wanted to go and visit NICU, the last time I went was last year when I went with Dr Aftimos to deliver my book, Diary of a bereaved Mother. Andrew was in NICU for 55 days in 1989 in a different hospital.

Here is Chanelle, showing what the neonatal trust does. She says, they always welcome volunteers. I know where to go during my next long holiday. Chanelle was a NICU mum, Hers is a successful story. Her twins stayed at NICU for 3 months. They are noe 4 years old.
In order to become a volunteer, please fill out the below form.
Volunteer Registration Form (Word Document, 161kb)
Please note, you may be required to undergo a Police check to become a volunteer at the Neonatal Trust. 

~ Knitted ~

The PhotoHunt for this weekend is Knitted.

Dora commented on FaceBook " It's going to be hard for me to find something for next week theme "Knitted" since I don't knit . . . I believe I'll really have to stretch it about and go out side of the box "



bing said...

i don't know how to knit but it pleases me to know that some photohunters are experts!

eastcoastlife said...

I don't know how to knit but I would love to learn, so I could knit a sweater for my son who would be going to Switzerland for his studies in July.