Monday, April 16, 2012

ABC Wednesday: N for Nits or Lice.

A light hearted post for a very serious issue.

These are staged photos. They are of my head. I don't have the heart to take photos of kids who have Nits or lice even if they admit they have them.

My son asked,"Mum, what is this whisk doing on your head?" This whisk like thing is a Chinese head massager. It is good for reducing headaches and migraines. It is also good if you need to scratch your head. But it is no good to get rid of Nits.

There is a special comb to remove lice and their eggs. It is a multi comb. I am lucky. I never had Nits or lice.

My friends fostered a child. He had nits. She spent 3 hours trying to get rid of them, dead and alive eggs. Eventually, she persuaded him to let her take him to the barber to have a close cut so it was easier to find the nits.

In New Zealand, we call lice, Nits. We sometimes have lice infestations, and school sent notes home to ask parents to check their kids hair. Nits like clean environment, so one should not feel embarrassed that they don't keep their kids hair clean.

Because I work with small groups, I often see kids scratching their hair. Some kids are very defensive, refuse to admit or say their mums are treating it.

Sometimes girls ask me to do their hair, I draw a line. I tell them I don't touch anyone's hair. They may not have nits, but X may have it, if I touch X's hair, then I touch Y's hair, and then Z's hair, I pass not only X's nits to y and Z, but Y and Z will pass it to their friends. They laugh.

In the old days in Borneo, when our dogs had Nits, we used to dab the lice in coconut oil. It seems to work and kill the Nits.

Im Australia, some mums saturate their kids' hair with sunblock before they go out to play with other kids. Apparently, the sunblock makes the hair slipperly, so they are not good host of nits. The nits can't stick to the hair.

I knew Robyn when I first arrived in Mt Albert Baptist Church about 6 years ago. Robyn came from England, and at Christmas, we went caroling, and Robyn played the violin while we sang. I am very proud to be Robyn's friend and to see her bald head. Please support her.

Robyn's new husband Alastair Gibson shaved the final touches of Robyn's hair. No, Robyn hasn't got Nits. Robyn had done the amazing act of donating her beautiful tresses to make a wig for a cancer victim.


Lyrics for The Lice Song:

If you have lice
If you have lice
Do you have lice
Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

Clean hair, short hair, straight hair, long hair
Brush, hat, helmet you don’t share
Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

Comb and pick all the lice and nits
Stay home ‘til you get every bit
Soon they’ll be gone, you’ll no longer itch
Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing


It’s ok, tell your family and friends
You and I, let’s check our heads
As long as we don’t let it spread

Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
Lice happens don’t you worry ‘bout a thing







TexWisGirl said...

there are outbreaks of lice in schools here in the states, too.

EG CameraGirl said...

I've never had lice but it does sound very annoying to have them.

George said...

This is a serious topic, but I did enjoy your light-hearted look at it.

Unknown said...

I've never had lice but I hear about outbreaks in schools all the time. How does one get lice, prevent them and cure them?

Ginny Hartzler said...

The kids in or schools have the head lice, too. I think it is the eggs we call nits. We also have these head scratchers, so funny looking!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

interesting, in an icky sort of way
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

The Poet said...

Dear Ann,
Never had lice...but yes, it sounds annoying and troublesome. It was nice to see how you could add humor to it.

Jama said...

Pre-school teachers here have to check each students for lice whenever there's an outbreak and not to allow the child in if one is spotted with lice.

magiceye said...

interesting take

magiceye said...

interesting take

Leslie: said...

My grandson got them at school and had to get his hair cut VERY short to finally get rid of them.

abcw team

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Excellent post, Ann. We sometimes see epidemics of lice in schools here too, but fortunately nowadays they are easily treated.

Carver said...

I remember when my daughter was in elementary school they were a big problem at the school she went to for K to second grade. We would wash all her stuffed animals as well as using the medicated shampoo. I was so glad when she was done with the school where it was an issue. She changed school in 2nd grade. The reason I think it had something to do with the school is she NEVER had nits after she changed schools. I'm guessing some of the parents weren't being as thorough about getting rid of them at the first school. The nits were NOT the reason she changed schools but it was a bonus when they stopped being an issue after she left. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

Unknown said...

LOL i love how you whisk your hair! lice was a problem when i was in elementary school, my mom would check our heads for lice every night before going to bed. then my cousin got it, my uncle shaved his head--he was bald the whole summer.:p

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ntersting! I need that whisk for my Migraine hehehe.

Your language is a lot like our Filipino language. If rice noodles is bee hoon in our language, it is called bihon to us hehehe.

Nursing to Nuclear Medicine
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

J.Rylie.C said...

Wow, that is new to me!

Hope you can come by and see my NooK, thanks!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love how you've presented this post Ann, light hearted but with a practical side also.

Tina´s PicStory said...

that´s cool for massage. i have also one :) ... it´s a hand organ.

Sofiya said...

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