Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Reflections: Multiple faces.

I like this photo so much because it showed the creation of two budding photographers. I had previously posted this before I joined the Friday shoot out gang.

During my sixteen years in Singapore, one of my favourite places with the children was the Singapore Science Centre. In the humid Singapore, the air conditioned building was a welcomed place to spend the whole day. It was a wonderful hands-on place. The entrance fee was cheap too. When I felt too stuffy inside the building, I would go outside to view the many spice and herb plants.

This photograph was taken by D and G, budding photographers at 15 and 11. Sam was three. Many had tried to duplicate this photograph after seeing this. But none had succeeded. This involves two mirrors attached to a hinge, and by moving the mirrors at different angles, you get different number of reflections.

I took this photo to school, and encouraged my students to experiment with two mirrors. They were very curious.

This is a dulpicate post from my other blog.  Do any of you have difficulties loading photos? I have tried the whole week, and have trouble.



rainfield61 said...

My mom tells me to have daily reflection.

Never limit to only weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

i can load photos but my posts won't 'schedule'. they just sit there until i post them myself.

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

What a wonderful shot!