Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Theme Song: Teachers

Letter from Brian:

My name is Brian Asselin and I am a recent graduate from the teacher’s college program at the University of Ottawa. Towards the end of school, we the students, are reminded how fortunate we are to have principals, administration, and teachers who inspire students everyday. While in teacher’s college, I realized how fortunate I have been to have had such great teachers in my life that have helped shape the person I am today. I wanted to say thank you to all those who go beyond their daily job requirements, so I co-wrote a song with Eric Disero titled

You Have Made A Difference

© 2009. I would really appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes to listen to the song and if you felt so inclined, share it with your school’s staff.

Thanks so much in advance,

Brian Asselin

These are the teachers of Pt Chevalier School who I believe Brian Asselin is singing about.

You Have Made A Difference

This song is for those
Who inspire us today
Who always lend a helping hand
To help show us the way

This song is for those
Who see their students through
The tough times in their lives
For that, we say thank you



You have made a difference
You have shaped our minds
You have changed the world
One child at a time
You have always been there
In everything you do
I hope that you’re as proud of me

As I am proud of you


This song is for those
Who heard the silent cries
Who stepped in to wipe the tears
From the children’s eyes

For those who gave us
A safe to grow
A place for us to call our home
Forever we will know… that

[ Refrain ]

This song is for those
Who taught us right from wrong
Who taught us much more than their craft
To help our minds grow strong

This song is for those
Who guide us through and through
So that we can make a life
For that we say thank you

[ Refrain ]

As I look back on my life
Into the path within my reach
I hope I can change a life
Of those that I teach

I can make a difference
All I do is try
Try to see a different world
Through the children’s eyes



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Over 270,000 New Zealand children live in poverty, support a NZ child today

Teachers are in the front line, first contact with students. What they do impact students for the rest of their lives. The teachers in New Zealand are very good. Occasionally, we have the bad apple.

Terito Henry Miki used fake names and qualifications to get work as a teacher - because he was a convicted child sex offender who was not allowed to be alone with children.

There are high profile cases which are reported in the media. What about low profile cases, where they are never reported. KidsCanNZ has a photo about embarrassment. Yes, teachers can do a lot of things to embarrass a child.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. But I don't believe it is true. Names stick.

By not taking action is as bad as bullying itself.

When I was in junior secondary school, I was very friendly to this girl whose BMI was high, and the 4 of us were very good friends. We were not the A grade girls in looks, but we were happy with ourselves. The boys bullied her and called her all sorts of unpleasant names. One day, some of the boys burnt her school bag which she put at the back of her chair. Much to the boys surprise, she went to report to the principal. To my horror, the principal didn't even investigate who did it. My girl friend then grew up with a very negative personality. One day, I heard she killed herself.

How much did that burning of her school bag change her life? I will never know.




Lighthousegal said...

What a wonderful song. A very nice tribute to teachers.
The teachers I had when I was in school, I have to say would very much deserve a tribute such as this song. My daughter, unfortunately, has not been so lucky. She has had several teachers that just do not care if the students learn or not, and they treat the students with such hatefulness, they are there for the paycheck only. So sad.
Happy Thursday!

magiceye said...

good on you Ann

Linda said...

Wonderful song and tribute! I had wonderful teachers in school, but then that was many, many years ago!

Hootin Anni said...

Awesome Ann!!!!

This is great to make us all aware of what teaching and teachers are all about!!!

I've had several family members who have been teachers and our son right now is a current professor at a college in Houston.

Great post.

Leovi said...

The teachers are very impoetantes to society of the future, I'm glad that New Zealand has good teachers.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I was bullied terribly in school. It was when we moved and I was all of a sudden the new kid...nowadays instead of killing themselves, many bullying victims here come to school with automatic weapons and shoot everyone they can find...it is a regular thing here. Everyone ends up being a victim...the school systems need to get a handle on this, but often no one in authority has any ideas about it or control over it.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Ann, great song and tribute to the teachers of New Zealand. It is a shame about how much bullying is really going on in the schools everywhere. Schools and parents and the children should put an end to bullying.

Kay L. Davies said...

This is indeed wonderful, Ann. I love the fact that you are posting a song written by someone from the University of Ottawa. Teachers, and the effect they can have on students, is the same all around the world.