Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thursday Challenge : Hands

What marvelous things are our pair of hands.
Have you ever wondered what it is like to have no hands?
In some countries in South east Asia,
They smuggle children, break their hands and make them beggers.

Yesterday, my principal Mrs. Sandra Aitkens treated us to a magical musical trip to "Africa." All the staff members were given a djembe drum to play. Play we did, because we have hands. Our musical director, Mr. Chris Moore arranged for Rhythm Interactive to show us play. We also had fun.

John showed us the connection of our brains and our hands. It teaches positive thoughts, Yes I can, Yes, I can.

Lucie with the truck that brings 250 drums.

Lucie and John playing.

Lucie playing a very special instrument, made of gourd ad 10 strings. J Lucie was playing a Ngoni (that’s the 10 string instrument).

Andrew being a very keen student.

Maureen and Erin listening carefully.

Mr. Moore in the photo.

A djembe (play /ˈdʒɛm.bɛ/ JEM-be) (also spelled djembé, jembe, jenbe, djimbe, jimbe, or dyinbe[1][2]) is a rope-tuned skin-covered drum played with bare hands. According to the Bamana people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose. In the Bambara language, "djé" is the verb for "gather" and "bé" translates as "peace".[3]



About Rhythm Interactive.
Rhythm Interactive was founded in 2003 by John Boone and René Sterk, and since then has become one of the most innovative and interactive entertainment shows for the conference and events market.

After its first opening show in Queenstown, Rhythm Interactive has successfully performed over 1000 shows nationwide and connected to over 60,000 people through rhythm. Rhythm Interactive has become the ultimate way to place the "WOW" factor into events.

It is our goal to actively encourage children and adults of all ages to develop better communication skills, positive habits and thoughts. We hope to inspire and increase creativity through music and rhythm.

Our vision is for others to see the importance of music, the way it used to be.


Drumania is the biggest interactive stage percussion show in Australasia, each member in the audience is given an African styled hand drum to perform along with the Rhythm Interactive team



"HANDS" (Sign Language, Finger Nails, Hand Decorations, Rings, Gloves, Holding,...)
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magiceye said...

a brilliant post Ann!!
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That's a lot of drums! I don't think I can do it, just got no sense of rhythm...

Jidhu Jose said...

suitable for the theme
Thursday Challenge

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These classes seem interesting, I would learn too.

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very neat!

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I love the sound of drums!