Friday, October 26, 2012

Idesia Polycarpa red berries

When I stop at the lights as I go to church. I see this tree full of red berries. The photo on the right is the reflection of the tree on the left. The berries appear in Winter. It has heart shaped leaves.

This tree is called Iesia Polycarpa and only the female tree has berries. It is an ornamental deciduous tree which means I appreciate with my eyes only, and too bad for my mouth. You need a make tree nearby for your female tree to have berries.

I wonder if My friend CY has done right the right thing by chopping down all her male Dabai tree.



Carletta said...

I thought those were red leaves. Wow!

James said...

Nice looking tree. Do you eat the berries?

I took my photo in spring so that's why the trees are pink. I wonder if they are the same trees as in NZ?

'Tsuki said...

The reflection is so cool, and thanks for all the information on that tree. Going to church(s) is one of my favourite activity, too.

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