Saturday, October 6, 2012

Auckland University Engineering school

Went to Auckland University where the water engineer spent 10 years of his life there as a student, and a further many years as a staff.

This reflection and the real McCoy makes me think of the controversial issue here.

Claims the convicted fraudster who oversaw the construction of Christchurch's doomed CTV building stole the identity of a British engineer and faked his engineering degree have been upheld after an investigation.
Gerald Morton Shirtcliff, aka William Anthony Fisher, is already facing an investigation by New Zealand police.
Now, an internal probe by professional engineering body Engineers Australia has found that the Brisbane-based Shirtcliff falsely assumed the identity, including a University of Sheffield engineering degree, of former colleague William Anthony Fisher.
The matter will be looked at by the Australian Federal Police.
Engineers Australia has also cancelled Shirtcliff's membership.
"As soon as the allegations surfaced, Engineers Australia commenced an internal investigation," said chief executive officer Stephen Durkin.
"This investigation has provided evidence to suggest this member had misrepresented his engineering qualifications.''



'Tsuki said...

Nice reflection of the building in the puddle... And very interesting reflection about this fraud... This word is crazy !

George said...

This is both a fascinating fraud story and a great reflection.

Halcyon said...

Pretty reflections!

Al said...

Great reflection. And if he's convicted of fraud, he should be tried for murder since he oversaw the construction of a building that collapsed!

NatureFootstep said...

great reflection shot. :)

brian said...

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