Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekend Reflection: Kuching

During my trip this year back to Sarawak, my girl friend J whom I had seen only once since my high school took me to her cousin's wedding at Civic Centre. As I have hardly been to Kuching, she drove me round and round the city.

This building must be in the vicinity of the old Aurora Hotel, now known as Merdeka Hotel. My story is not about this hotel though I had posted about an emotional anecdote related to this hotel. I need a reflection photo and the second photo shows some reflection. If any of you in Kuching or Sarawak can verify this for me.

I needed a photo for my story, so I am using them.

Thanks to my friend Danny who posted : DUE TO CURRENT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS

I  responded to his post. I have been wanting to blog but had no photo.

In 1977, due to Economic down turn, the school I had just gone to teach, turned the  water off in the toilet. Some students asked me, a new, young, just returned from overseas teacher to lead protest. 

It happened that those fourth formers were transfer students from other schools and were very outspoken. They didn't fit in the psychic of the school, and they were a reflection of me. The toilets were located just next to their class.

I was teaching them, and in the later part of the day, the hot weather did make the smell rather obnoxious. I had just returned from Canada where I did take part in a student protest, and learn to sing, "We shall not, we shall be not be moved.". Of course I didn't not lead the students to sing the song.

When my colleagues knew what I was doing, they warned me that I was really stupid and could be hurled to " Hilton Kuching" and eat "Curry Rice." Terms referring to being put to prison for being a political activist.

 I drafted a letter and led a delegation to the principal. The school management was not happy, but because my dad was DEO. (Divisional Educational officer). They turned water back on. 

I am hoping to meet some of those students one day. 

I was a green horn and I am not sure if that was the incident that seeded my social conscience and my letter writing to authorities if I didn't think things were right. That is why I belong to a club known as Save the World.

The Seekers - We Shall Not Be Moved (HD)

We shall not be moved.
On the road to freedom
We shall not be moved,
Just like a tree that's standing by the water side,
We shall not be moved.


We're brothers together,
We shall not be moved.
We're brothers together,
We shall not be moved.
Just like a tree that's standing by the water side
We shall not be moved.



Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Frankie Lea Proud of you I would have done what you did!

Leovi said...

Yes, I love these reflections, beautiful photos.