Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photohunt: Spooky


A spooky belief.

I was looking for my Dad's first car, and googled and found this link. I explained and he gave me permission to use the photo.

The likeness is incredible. It has the same two tone and same color like my Dad's car. The number was S899, A good number, S can be $, 8 is Fa aka prosperous and 9 is forever.

At that time, there was a weekly 4 digits lottery, and it was popular to buy the numbers of car license plates. Especially if the car was involved in an accident, particularly if the accident was a terrible one.

I could never understand this spooky belief, if a person had died, why would he bless other people and let them benefit his tragedy?

My grand-uncle was in a bad accident that killed him. Some morons had the audacity to ask what his car plate was.

This old rusty gate makes me think of Briar Rose or sleeping beauty. 

27th ~ Spooky


blackbook said...

Hi, Ann! Sorry to hear about your bereavement ... This is an interesting blog of yours... Keep it up! I'll follow your postings as well.

blackbook said...

Hi! Fellow Blogger! Keep it up!

bing said...

that indeed is a spooky belief... enjoyed reading it though.

mine is here!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Interesting that you were able to find a photo of your dad's car... Cute!
Some beliefs can seem a little spooky~

ancient one said...

Interesting about the accidents and the numbers.. that definitely is spooky!