Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mellow Yellow: Nepal

This little of what is left of a ball of wool is symbolic of my connection with Nepal.No, it is not because I want to go there or climb Himalayas. Yesterday, my cousin Kit told me she is back packing there, and I told her if she could try to find Jemuna for me.  It's not silly request. The whole world knew about Ganga and Jemuna in 1999. They were a pair of Siamese twins who were con jointed in the head. Their successful separation in the head was reported all over the world.

In 2000, I was privileged to be involved with two Siamese twins from Nepal. I answered an appeal and set up my own appeal in NTU. I made a scrap book with all the emails, newspaper cuttings and photographs. I saw Jamuna and Ganga while they were still conjoined. This is a great privileged.
It was a very intense and hard work. But if I have to do it again, I will happily do so. The operation was successful and they went home to Nepal.

Sadly, Ganga died in 2008.

In the photos, the young couple are the parents, Sandhya Shrestha and Bhushan. Sandhya is reading my scrap book. Manchala is my very good friend. Shrija is from Nepal. The elderly gentleman is Shrija's father-in-law. Both Manchala and Shrija were involved in the donation drive.

Sandhya asked through an interpretor why I was doing it.  I told her, " I couldn't fight for my son, I want to help you fight for your babies."

My readers may remember my post:

 Today, I see Prinka.  She is from Nepal, and I told her when I see her, I see my connection with Nepal. When I asked her to have this photo taken with her, I explained that I wanted to write about the balloon release.

 Here, I asked for one balloon from Annie. Some people asked who they were. I explained about Ganga. This is the first time I am releasing a balloon to Andrew. In my heart, I am releasing for Sandhya  her balloon for Ganga.

Fly balloon fly, fly over Nepal.

 I work with Diane Harding, she worked as a volunteer nurse in Nepal, When Ganga died, she was so thoughtful to tell me about it. She knew it meant a lot to me. In March, Peter Hillary and his wife Yvonne came to school. We had morning tea and I told them about Ganga and Jemuna.

Today is our remembrance day for our lost loved ones. Though Ganga is up in heaven, my memory of her is etched in my brain.  Thanks Manukau Sands.



Unknown said...

sad that the other twin passed away. we are all connection in one way or the other. thanks for sharing this story.

Mellow Yellow Monday

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lorik said...

I remember reading about the twins and hoping, along with everyone else, that both would survive. it was a very sad time. I hope Jemuna is well and that your cousin can find her.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this meaningful journey you made in connection with the Nepalese twin:)

Chubskulit Rose said...

This is a very good tribute although a very sad event for the twins.

Unknown said...

I thought it is a YELLOW noodles :-) these are beautiful pictures that brings back memories from your Nepal adventure :-) Dropping by from MYM