Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursdays Challenge: Tools: Flexiprobe

My School, Pt Chevalier School is doing a lot of renovations and building. I was walking past and attracted by this yellow tool. Just the right tool for today's meme. It's a flexiprobe. It has a camera  at the end of the tool.

The friendly Rob explained that it was a special camera to go into the ground. In my lay man's term a CCTV. I told him the water engineer is a hydraulics engineer. They could be good friends.

HydroVac's CCTV service offers complete survey, location and inspection options, and if necessary, our registered drain layers can carry out a dig and fix repair.

Our advanced CCTV service allows us to accurately detect and inspect any drain that may need repairs. If you need to locate a junction or get an accurate location and depth reading we can help.

Our CCTV service is also effective when it comes to drain inspections and surveys. We undertake surveys on council lines and provide log inspection reports for lines of 225mm diameter or less.


We have the specialist equipment, technology and team you need to take care of any emergency or maintenance situation - 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.
HydroVac leads the way in drainage maintenance with:
over 30 years industry experience
super-quick response times
effective, economical service deliver
range of vehicle sizes and specialist equipment
fully trained operators, certified in height work and confined space entry
safety equipment including full harnesses, tripod and gas detectors
Regardless of the size or scope of the job (commercial, industrial or domestic) you'll always receive the same outstanding level of service from our friendly, efficient team.


 "TOOLS" (Cooking, Construction, Cleaning, Gardening, Repair,...)


magiceye said...

very interesting

Gattina said...

That's interesting !

Ginny Hartzler said...

Very high tech tools, and the yellow is pretty, too.

Leovi said...

Interesting tools. To teach students believe it is essential to give the basic ideas and main cause from there self-discovery.

Suzy said...

I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.