Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ruby Red: Santa's helpers


This photo is late in posting. I know Christmas is gone, and if I leave it for next Christmas, the effect won't be the same. I apologize, I had downloaded the photos in a disk when I arrived in Australia and having all the fun there, I forgot about these photos.

At the Auckland Airport on my way to catch my plane, I wanted to take the photo of this beautiful girl, and the two "beautiful in the heart ladies."

Many of these ladies and gentlemen volunteer in the airport to welcome our tourists. I think this might just be the thing for me to do when I am retired.


Our airport hospitality ambassadors, otherwise known as 'bluecoats' for their distinctive coloured jackets, are on hand to offer passengers help when at the airport. They can help you find your way and direct you to what you need.

You can find the airport information helpdesks at a number of locations:

* International terminal: in the public areas in check-in, departures and arrivals areas. In the passenger only area, the helpdesks can be found on the second floor and in the customs hall
* Domestic terminal: in the main arrivals area, near baggage claim carousels 1 and 2.

Our volunteer programme began in 1995 and we’ve never looked back! If you are interested in becoming one of our airport ambassadors please contact our volunteer services manager london.l@akl-airport.co.nz



Gattina said...

How funny to see a christmas picture now at almost Valentine, but that doesn't matter, lol !
You know my very first cat went everywhere with me, even shopping ! She sat on my shoulder or was walking on a leash. She was very special !

Jama said...

Wish we have something like this at Changi Airport , then I'll be the first to sign up!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hi Jama,

Airport and volunteers.

May be you should approach your minister of tourism and then you get an OBE.

I remember in Singapore, there are hordes of old people who go to the airport to make use of the cheap bus MRT tickets, and stay there the whole day.

Some people say that they are a sore sight and should be told to move. Some of them have naps sitting on the chairs. Wouldn't it be good if some of these people can be recruited as volunteers. Free ambassadors for the country.

You, Puan Jama can be the coordinator.

Remember the students studying in the airport?
Same complaints.

You started something I was passionate about. Shall be interesting if this will materialise.

Glennis said...

Hi Ann, Terns are very like sea gulls but have a black patch on their heads and more graceful shaped wings, both live along the sea coast. Yerns are nicer I think.