Monday, February 22, 2010

Photohunt: Cuddly for bear


I snapped these bouquets of flowers with cuddly bears among the flowers. These belonged to my cousin when I went to Miri, Sarawak. It was her capping/graduation/convocation. My uncle and aunty had given her one, and a friend gave her the other.

Bears are good soft toys to give to children, they are unisex, and boys and girls love them. My children had been given many teddy bears, there is one which means a lot of Deborah. When she was two, we visited my friend's friend, a Kiwi lady, ( that is a New Zealand woman) and it was our first visit. I have forgotten her name, but I remember this little bear.

The bear was hand made in Scotland. A lady made it for a charity, (which I forgot). A kiwi woman visited Scotland, and came across her. She was very impressed, and bought one and gave it to her friend. This kind lady gave it to Deborah. Deborah has had many teddy bears, and when we returned to New Zealand, she gave most of her bears away. She kept one. It was this hand made Scottish charity bear. (I should post a photo of it, but it is in my other computer and I have trouble with it.)


Ah Ngao said...

oh...i loves teddy bear when i was very young,but can only look and drools - no money to buy!

Ruth said...

My mom had two Teddy bears she received as gifts well into adulthood - one from me. When she passed away, I got the bears. They rest in an honored place.

Jama said...

Not only cuddly, it's so cute too!

Unknown said...

Very cuddly! What a nice way to celebrate!