Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Winter in Windsor ,Canada.

I am watching the Winter Olympics with my son Sam, and I feel warm and fuzzy in Summery New Zealand. I dug up my cold winter photos in the winter of 1975 when I was a student in Windsor, Canada.

That was my first ever winter. They reported it was the coldest ever recorded, a minus 28 degrees. A lot of melted snow had flowed under the bridge. I wonder where all those young men and women have gone. We were from Tropical Borneo and Singapore and were feeling very BRRRR!

We lived at an apartment next to the school. At playtime and lunch time, the children played in the snow while I was bundled up. There was central heating, so it wasn't so cold. I remember icicles forming from the jeans that my friend L had hung out at the balcony. The jeans were frozen hard, but they dried very quickly. The street name was Wyanndotte, or something like that.

I walked to university. One day, coming home, I was trapped in a blizzard. The visibility was almost zero, and the wind was so strong. Of course, I didn't know what a blizzard was, and I continued to walk. I slipped and fell a couple of times. It was when I came back that I heard from the TV that there was a lock down.

These photos were taken on the one occassion when the kids were on holiday. We decided to see why the kids were having such fun. The mount of snow wasn't very high, but I found it hard climbing up, and my friends LOL at me. They did help me up and we did our mini luge. We even had a couple of little Canadian kids plyin gwith us and they loaned us their rubber mats.



Cheryl said...

Fun memories and photos! Everyone looks to be having a wonderful time sliding. We do alot of that here as well. We used to slide at the local golf course on toboggans on nights with a full moon. Happy teenager memories. My children were allowed to bring their little plastic slides to school and slide down a little hill at recess.

Jama said...

The first time I touch snow was in NZ, near Mt Cook, fun to play for a short while, until the wind hit me! now that's cold wind I can't tahan, no matter how thick I was bundled up. But it was fun while it lasted.
Not only my abang is camera shy, the sons are too. The younger son gave me stern warning not to share his photo online, at least now he's don't mind being photographed by me. Last time he used to hide his face everytime I point my camera.

Sylvia K said...

Thank you so much, Ann, for stopping by and for your kind words, they are much appreciated! And I love your photos and the fun!


BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Wonderful pictures and a lovely story. Coming from Australia, I couldn't contemplate minus 28 either. The one and only time I saw snow was many years ago on a snow trip to Mt St Gwinear.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Gattina said...

Geez that looks (and was) cold !!

Eden said...

Hello Ann,

Great photos. And thank you for sharing your winter experiences in Canada.

eileeninmd said...

They are fun memories, great photos!

Noel Morata said...


what a beautiful view and day to capture these old sledding images....thanks for sharing your day with us and taking us to this place.