Thursday, February 4, 2010

ABC Wednesday: Round 6: Letter C

Letter C for cabin crew. We left on our holiday just before Christmas, the cabin crew had Christmas theme on the plane which is very nice. This male steward was very friendly.

On our way home, the cabin crew announced," Down the plane is the beautiful __________, in the front is the beautiful ___________, and I am the most beautiful of them all. Sir Charles Branson must have trained them all. And she had a frangipani in her ear."

Fellow blogger Ngao asked if I wanted to be a pilot, yes, that would be my answer if I was thirty years younger. But now, my memory is fading, I might land him in a wrong island.

Once upon a time, if you landed on a island, you will be welcomed with the sound of the conch. Last year, I was at a re-inenactment of the White Governor Sir Hobson to Maori Orakei land. I saw a person blowing a conch.

Sam was given a "Rich and Famous" welcome to the land of Oz. His uncle Joseph picked him up in a Mercedes Convertible.

We had a holiday of a life time. Thank you for whanau aka family. We had a wonderful Christmas.

ABC Wednesday is hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt


Tania said...

Great pictures and what a big shell:-) Nice C!
Have a great day!

Ah Ngao said...

yeah,...you'd had landed him on Fantasy Island and be greeted by no other than...Tatu ! hehehe

Christine H. said...

Very nice. What really amazes me is that there were three (I think) people who included conches in their post. Who would have thought!

Roger Owen Green said...

LOVE the conch shell.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!