Thursday, February 18, 2010

ABC Wednesday: E for elephant

This is a model of an elephant given by my Sri Lanka friend V in NTU in Singapore. It is very elaborate with beads and gold trimming. I brought it over to NZ with me. Once, they had a green grass snake in their balcony. They just left it alone. They are Buddhists and believe that everyone and everything should have a right to live.

The first elephant model I had, my Dad bought it in India in 1958, he was sailing in a P & O liner from London to Singapore. When the ship stopped in India, he bought a black teak elephant. Dad was a collector, he bought a souvenir every where he went.

In 2000s, we went for a holiday in Bangkok. The Tuk Tuk taxi driver took us to this duty shop. He said, " Please you just go in for 10 minutes, and I will get a petrol voucher. You don't have to buy anything." It turned out, I saw a brownish teak elephant, I remembered my dad's elephant. So I bought one. The water engineer took it to his office. He must have left it in his Office at Nanyang University, because we don't have it anymore.

It's good to have things to remind you of happy events, Don't you think so?

ABC Wednesday is hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt


mrsnesbitt said...

Yes, we should always hang on to memories of happiness!
Thanks so much
Denise (ABC Team)

Rune Eide said...

Now I started humming the old "Baby Elephant Walk" :-)

A nice memory.

Ah Ngao said...

hi Ann,...Sern Nin Fai Lot !
i like to buy souvenir too but not anything that is statue-like.may be becoz its due to my overshot imaginations that spirits might dwells in those statues/dolls or masks.
waa,you got daughter too.actually my wife loves to have a girl(younno ,dresses her up..) but... "tak jadi",so we're happy with "kukus" ...haha!

Tania said...

This was a very nice elephant!:-)

Gattina said...

I love these decorative little elephants !

Thanks for your comment on cats ! two of my cats are very good mousers too, but they don't eat them usually. They bring them in the house !
Your poor brother, it wasn't his fault that the cat got her babies in his bed, lol ! Cat mammas always choose the best places !

Ah Ngao said...

hi Ann,i just check it out your princess pics and yes - your Deborah, she's very beautiful and charming.your Sam too, handsem - he's going to breaks a lot of hearts ...in the near future.
there was a time we thought of adopting a baby girl but due to younno,...doubts and also financially so,well we just let it be.my opinion is ,daughters are more into the role of nursing and caring when parents gets old and frail.anyway,its hard to deduce with time and enviroment of today.not all daughters are guaranteed for the job of caring for the sick elders.may be,some of us or most of us just hope that ,when time is ripe & near,we'll go back to the stars with a last final good jolt of heart attack - adious .... hahaha!

Roger Owen Green said...


Ah Ngao said...

oh yeah,i still got one more answer for you.
my wife didn't cook anything "that special" during the 30th moon or Chinese New Year Eve or... sum sap mang.just a big bowl soup comprising of yue peel(fried fish stomach),quail eggs,scallobs,China-flowned-in vege,black mushroom,and a roasted duck that i bought at the BBQ kopitiam and what else..?,yeah!- DIY meat rolls and steamed Set Pang(grouper fish).that's all and well...its nice .simple new year eve dinner and yet,can be a very3 grand dinner for some poor Chinese somewhere in some other part of the world.

Tumblewords: said...

I like the elephant! Interesting that little items remind us of so much!

Stan Ski said...

Elephant Small...! - Changnoi in Thai.