Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scenic Sundays: Boats in Sarawak

We went to Mulu and I told my son that we would go on a "Perahu" a long boat. He was disappointed the man operated it had an outboard engine. We did have a bit of fun when on parts of the river trip, he had to kill the engine and the other man used a long pole to push the "Perahu" boat along. The water was swift flowing, and the sand bars and the fallen logs were so closed to the "Perahu" boat. We were glad we had our life jacket.

Chen Francis I tell you a story Ms CHAN..
In 1972, a new classmate invited me to his house across river in Sg Nyamok. I declined his invitation because I didn't know how to swim & he was plying to & fro by a sampan as yours in the picture. You know what happened then, he rowed home and came back with his father's fishing trawler just to bring me over! He is the friend whom I will never forget.

Ann Chin You have such a fantastic friend. I hope you both are still good friends. He must have valued you as a friend to go to all the extent to borrow his Dad's trawler, to lose his Dad's 1/2 a day's income. Yes, You must have been a great friend . I would like to be a friend. Yes, he would be a special friend. You know why? because you are a special friend to me and to all the Lau Peng Yew.

Chen Francis He is dentist in Miri. Yes we are good friend & we shared a lot of sweet memories... Nguan Sing Ung 1975 F 5, can you still recall him... he was then the Head of school Red Cross.


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