Thursday, December 27, 2012

Floral Friday: Kaka beak tree

 Kaka-beak tree is named after the Kaka – a NZ Native bird 

Kowhai ngutukaka or kakabeak is a shrub found only in New Zealand. It is a member of the pea family and its closest relatives are in Australia. In spring it produces stunning large red flowers which hang in clusters of 15-20 blooms.
It has bright green seedpods which turn brown and split open when dry. These pods contain large numbers of tightly packed small black seeds.
Plants can grow up to 2-3m tall, producing long, trailing stems that form new plants when they come into contact with soil. In this way, one parent plant can cover a large area.


Unknown said...

this is a beautiful flowering tree. i love flowering trees--they cheer up the whole place when they bloom.:p

Pink-striped trumpet lily

Unknown said...

Interesting shape on those flowers.

CathyC said...

what an unusual flower ;-)
visiting from FFF

Liz said...

What a beautiful tree. Happy New Year!

Duranta Erecta

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hi, this is not a NZ kakabeak. Follow the link you posted yourself. The leaves of the NZ kakabeak a very different. Not sure though, what tree it is. Katharina, NZ