Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo hunt: Trees: The rampage in the northeastern state of Connecticut

One afternoon, we had a bad tropical storm.
Lightning striked,
Thunder clapped,
Rain bucketed ,
Trees up rooted.
Flower pots tumbled,
Flash floods filled the basement,
I lied in bed with my duvet over my head.

The first funeral I went in New Zealand,
was to celebrate a man
who gave all his life,
to helping the less fortunate.
The eulogy talked of Ken Thornton,
A giant Kauri tree had fallen.
Ken had live a full life.
It was fitting to rejoice as he went.

This morning, we had a senseless human storm.
a different kind of lightning struck.
Another kind of thunder clapped.
What was in this twenty year old's head.
Saplings fell.
A few grown tree uprooted.

I feel for these fallen saplings.
I like the authorities to find out,
Why a young man,
can deteriorate to such an extent.
I like the authorities to find out,
Why 10,728 Americans have succumbed to hand guns
when there are only 8 in UK.

I didn't cover my head.
I used my hands,
And wrote about the senselessness.
Why am I doing this?
My friend Genie put the words right in my mouth.
Only a mom who has lost a child,
can truly comprehend the grief these parents feel.

It cannot be an accident that Trees have been chosen as this week's meme. Gattina had chose it long ago. But it has to be Trees and bells. My poems are not perfect, but they are written from my heart. I am not in USA. If any one would want to form a gallery for the parents, I am happy for you to include mine.



eastcoastlife said...

It's truly a horrific tragedy when young lives are recklessly taken. My deepest condolences to the parents of those victims. Hope USA will ban the sale of guns.

YTSL said...

Hi Ann --

A deeply felt post. Re the senselessness: this year seems to have been particularly bad for senseless mass shootings in the US. Colorado, Wisconsin, etc.

As the Duke of Windsor said when he was Prince of Wales, "Something has to be done". And I hope that something really does get done to at the very least make it more difficult for wanna-be killers to get their holds on deadly weapons such as guns.

Gail said...

"a senseless human storm" You hit the nail on the head with that one.

I fear the horror of gun control that will result from this action. If guns are outlawed only the criminals will have guns.

Carletta said...

A very nice tribute Ann.

TexWisGirl said...

thank you for your words, ann. i know you feel the grief of these parents, community, nation, world.