Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ABC WEdnesday: Letter G.

Girls' brigades welcoming the students back to Kai Chung School.
 Sorry, I feel that I have to include the boys. Boys on one side, and girls on the other.
 There is a fine for littering in Singapore, yet I saw garbage like this every where.

 What a shame for tainting the good image that the Government is trying to portray.
 My sad looking ginger, I use this in my cooking especially when I cook fish. If I have a cold, I slice some ginger thinly and make a tea with honey. I was commenting fellow blogger Wanda's grease tin, and I remember this. My sis in law keeps her grease after frying fish. She sticks a few slices of ginger. Says it removes the fishy smell.
 Ginger tea, I drank a lot of this last winter. A kind soul donated a whole box to a charity. They then passed it to my friend Louise Martin for her charity. I bought the whole lot, 22 tiny boxes in all, and gave some to my friends.



Gattina said...

Apparently it is the same in our "civilized" world, people are blind when it comes to find a bin !

mrsnesbitt said...

Ahh Ginger - a reminder for my shopping list tomorrow!

Love the collection - Great! (lol)
Denise ABC Team

magiceye said...

Great takes on the theme!

rainfield61 said...

If you have a "cold" cough, you can also try ginger soup.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

I grow my own ginger, but I never tried to make a tea from it, must google how.


Roger Owen Green said...

yes, that garbage was GROSS!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

George said...

I found it was interesting that the color of the girl's and boy's uniforms were different in color. The garbage is pretty awful.

Carver said...

Great shots of the girls and boys. Carver, ABC Wed. Team