Friday, August 3, 2012

There is a welcome here for you in Kai Chung School

 The students used to collect water from this water lily pond for the annual spring clean. There was no bridge then.

I got a student on duty to take my photo with the welcoming team. These are the few photos of me.

Kai Chung principal, staff and students put on a roaring welcome for the Alumni and ex teachers who came on their 7/7 Lau Peng Yew Reunion.
I was very privileged to be invited the day before, to the principal Mr. Ting Pang Kheng's office for a little recollection. He told me that he is married to the sister of a very beautiful and talented girl Tiong Leh Ming. I was disappointed she wasn't coming.
 I dedicate this post to her, and to all those "little kids" who were involved in that original "There is a welcome here for you."  Leh Ming must have choreographed and composed the song, and the late teacher Roddy Lau was the teacher in charge. I tagged along to help the students.
The song is like this, sorry I can't record it here. I sing it all the time with my ESOL students.

There is a welcome here for you,
There is a welcome here for you.
We are glad you are here,
in Kai Chung school.
There is a welcome here for you.

It must have been 4 groups of 100 students at each corner of the dual basket ball courts. They were lined in 2s, and danced towards the middle where the VIPs would stand.  This dance is similar to the New Zealand female Kapa Haka or the Hawaiian dance. You turned your fingers and gyrated a bit of your hips. Come to think of it, a bit like the Iban Ngajat, but the hands were together.
As we practised in the hot sun after school, Leh Ming's sweet voice projected to the whole school. It was hard co-ordinating such a big group of students. but Leh Ming was unfazed. I saw how beautiful it was.
Unfortunately. the dance was not performed due to unforeseen circumstances. I  cried for Leh Ming, I cried for the students, I cried for all involved.
Leh Ming, if you are reading this, if you would make a recording, I will post it on here. Your voice is much better than mine.
Photo: Alana's graceful pose taken by Lim Chin Yong.

If my new friend Moh Mee Sui  was dancing for that eventful day when he was young in 1974, I am pretty sure his daughter Alana dancing for the Alumni on 2012 would be a better dancer than her dad.There is a Chinese Song, Alana. May be I will do my theme song on Alana.


Pat said...

This sounds like a wonderful reunion at Kai Chung School. You captured some nice reflections, too.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, Ann! Sounds like you had a nice reunion at the school. I enjoyed the photos. Hope you are having a happy weekend.

'Tsuki said...

What a lovely sharing, An...