Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ABC: Letter E for Emergency

In an Emergency, you want to  know there are ambulances available, In the medical centre, there are nurses, operating staff and the doctors.

In real life, I had this scenario when my second daughter was born. The ambulance costed me $60. She was born 3 weeks earlier while I was still at work.

It would have been reassuring if my student Dr Peter Tang Ing Bing was there to deliver my baby. But I had my babies in New Zealand.  Peter's Rejang Medical centre is in Sibu, the town where I was born.



Carver said...

Having prompt emergency care can be all important at time. Good E word. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Black Jack's Carol said...

I didn't think of "emergency" for an "E" post idea, but the truth is, we all need those services at times. The better they function, the better for everyone. Good post and very interesting pictures too.

Jama said...

Thank God I live in a town where medical emergency are always within minutes of reach but of course at a price!!

Roger Owen Green said...

only once have I been taken in an emergency vehicle, a car accident when I was 19.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

magiceye said...

lovely take on the theme

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

You must work in a hospital to get all those great photos!!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Emergency team must be excellent in dealing life and death situation.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Great post with some lovely portrait shots.

joanne said...

Unique post....nice photos too

Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful that one of your students became a doctor, Ann. You must be very proud of him!
I thought of "Emergency" for the letter E also, but didn't have photos like yours to go with it. Yours are super.