Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to use coffee grounds in your garden.

Some cafes here bag their coffee grinds and leave them outside for you to take.
 3 bags full of brown gold.
 You can put it on top of your pots/garden as mulch or to your compost.
 You can enrich your soil by mixing it with soil. They improve soil texture and drainage.
 Put it on your plants as fertiliser as it breaks down. 
 As it decomposes, It slowly releases nitrogen for your plants. Good for  leafy vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes and corn. You see my tomatoes plants? 

What a great way to recycle, instead of throwing the coffee grinds, some cafes have become environmentally conscious, take the effort to big the grinds and give it away for free. Don't worry about the coffee smell, after a few days, the smell will be gone.

I have done this for years, and I believe in reuse, recycle and re-education.




Dew said...

Hi Ann
Waste of coffee is the best pesticides for snails.
Good that you are environmental friendly too.
Cheers. God bless

florens said...

Thanks for your great info Ann chin. We really appreciate it.