Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday Challenge: Red

Corner of Pt Chevalier Library is painted red.

when I was young, 
I didn't have a good experience with the local library. 
The librarain was stern,
 and my book was over due. 
I didn't dare to return it
 because I had seen her scolding other kids.
 I didn't go to the library
 and one day, my Dad said,
 come, lets go to the library. 
I confessed,
 and he said what a silly billy I was. 
He took the book, 
which by then had accummulated so much fine.
 The library was Dad's friend. 
She waived the fine. 
Silly Billy me.

When I went to secondary school,
 I became a library all my 7 years there.
 I could read all the books I wanted to. 
May be that's why I became interested in writing. 

"RED" (Things that are red/pink,...)
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R.Theys-Troland54 said...

a very nice photo!


Dzjiedzjee said...

Beautiful picture for 'red'! ;-)

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Jenny Woolf said...

kids can be put off for such small reasons! Just think if it had not been for your dad it could have had a lifetime's effect.