Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Lord Has Risen--- He Has Indeed-

My girls Gabrielle aged 2 and Deborah, almost 5.

Today is Easter. My pastor Jonathan spoke on The Lord Has Risen and we responded--- He Has Indeed-
Towards the end of the service, he spoke of his little baby boy who died 7 years ago, and it seems he was talking for me. I often think of my late baby boy Andrew, who would be 23, but he is up in heaven.

It can't be a coincident that I posted the above two photos. I posted them in response to my Facebook friend, Veronica who posted a similar photo of her grand children. She asked me why there were so many rocking horses. This was my reply. A sub-conscious reply of sharing my Andrew.

Thank you Veronica and Jonathan.

  •  This photo was taken just after Andrew had died. I was so "MABOK" aka blur.  I couldn't remember if I took it or someone else could have taken for me.

    It could have been at a Plunket place, a mum and baby place. Because of my "situation" I often went there to rest while the nurses took care of the girls. 


     I always thought it was at the creche area of my church. A China girl who had come to be my nanny when I was going to have Andrew. Of course Andrew died and I didn't need her. She got married very quickly and always considered me as BIG sis. My Pastor's wife told me to go to the wedding for her,  since she had nobody. Surprisinly I had a great time during the wedding, There was a Samoan friend who had gone to Taiwan, so he strum his ukelele and sang and made us sing the popular Taiwanese song  Alisan's gu nian asses. For a couple of hours, I left my sadness and sang with them. My girls went to play at the creche,and someone could have snapped the photo.

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