Friday, July 27, 2012

Save the world: Save trees

One afternoon, we had a bad tropical storm.
Lightning striked,
Thunder clapped,
Rain bucketed ,
Trees up rooted.
Flower pots tumbled,
Flash floods filled the basement,
I lied in bed with my duvet over my head.
***This pix were the aftermath of a storm in Singapore, I was living on the Campus of NTU.***

I dedicate this post to my exblogging and now facebook friend.

Gina Hughes-Ribeyro
Tornado....snapped a tree on my back property and what a mess!! My roof is all chuffed up as well. Thank God for Liberty Mutual!!!!

Ann Chin Now you don't need to buy logs for your fireplace this winter. Seriously, it is no laughing matter. I was in Singapore this month and saw the Govt pruning trees. Because the trees were falling on houses, moving vehicles.


rainfield61 said...

Save you save me

save the trees

save the world

Unknown said...

If each one of us took just this one action, to save a tree, imagine how wonderful the world would be! :-0