Monday, July 16, 2012

ABC Wednesday Letter Z

Letter Z for Zoo.

This is Sia villa, It started as a concept of a mini zoo and a conference centre in the bush. I love this place, Diana Chin and I share not only the same surname of men we married. We both are fortunate to meet the same Chew family that we became daughters aka Kai daughters of Mrs. Chew.

Most of the animals are not there anymore because caged animals are not popular with environmentalist. Diana's Uncle sad in its hay day, hordes of school children came to see the animals. A friend said she went to a church camp. The orang utan was the draw card, but it is gone, including most of the birds. They had to release it.

I had a fantastic time. I haven't asked Diana if I could share her special story. I tell everyone that if I stay at her villa for a retreat, I will be able to finish my other book. 

I am still on holiday and sorry have not visited any of you.



rainfield61 said...

You are on holiday but I am working.

Feeling not balance.

Nefertiti said...

mignon et quel joli endroit

Roger Owen Green said...

The zoo of my youth was a caged entity in my home town. Now, it's much more open.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team