Friday, May 6, 2011

skywatch Friday: Auckland wild weather



We have been having wild weather. On Tuesday, we had a tornado, and I was caught at the end of it driving home after school. The rain poured, and I could not see in front of me. When I got home, I watched on TV the tornado passed Pt Chev where my school it.

In the morning, we had very having fog. Today, it was forecast we may have another tornado. The sky was dark, the squall was wild. Our principal gave us tornado warning drill.

These are archives photos, I didn't bring my camera today. Over my http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2011/05/watery-wednesdayoutdoor-wednesday- fatal.html I posted about the tornado.

There is not something specifically in our procedures around this particular event - due to their rarity. However Met Service now has heightened awareness of the 'ideal' conditions so it is something to think about.

These are the precautions suggested in today's Herald.

It would seem that it's best to get the children on the floor in the middle of the room or in the corridor as far from windows as possible. Classes upstairs should also make their way to the downstairs area if possible - or at least to the corridor.

If in the auditorium I think you should evacuate to the corridor in the senior block and the hallway in the office block.

Ultimately I suspect there would be little or no warning and we would all need to exercise commonsense bearing in mind the suggestions below.


* Seek shelter in the lowest level of your home. Keep away from all windows.

* Cover your head and eyes with a blanket or jacket to protect against flying debris.

* Avoid large-span roof areas such as school gyms, shopping malls and halls.

* Crouch for protection beside a strong structure, or lie flat in low-lying area and cover your head and neck with your arms or a piece of clothing.

* Get out of the car and lie flat in a ditch or other low-lying area.


rainfield61 said...

You should go into the center of tornado.

That's fun!!!!!

Lois said...

Scary! This sounds like the weather we had last week.

MadSnapper said...

so glad you are safe. the whole world seems to be having wild weather and natural disasters.

Rosie@travel-i-tales said...

Gloomy weather and threatening skies...yet another facet of skywatch. Wishing you clear skies, Ann.

Kim, USA said...

Nice to know you are safe. Happy Mother's day and happy weekend!

Sky Watch

Tammie Lee said...

Oh, please be safe. Strange weather and storms indeed! This is happening in so many places.

Tania said...

wow, thats scary! Hope you have some better weather right now:-)

Thanks for your nice comment!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I think tornadoes are coming places they have never been before, they are everywhere!! I don't know what is going on.

Al said...

Crazy weather and scary shots. We get several tornado warnings at my house in a typical summer - last summer there were three tornadoes within 20 miles, all on different days. So we all know the safe-room in the house in the event that one actually comes over our house.

The rainfield commentator is out of his mind. I was in the middle of a dust devil in my yard one time, and that's plenty for me.

Regina said...

Great captures Ann.
Happy Mom's Day.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Pearl Maple said...

Great photos Ann, hope the weather calms down for you soon and can get on to enjoy a delightful winter days of sparkling sunshine