Sunday, May 1, 2011

scenic sunday/save the world: recycling plastics



You see those hay bales? Plastics had been a life savior to farmers that they provide a water proof cover so the bales of hay can be kept outside. However, over time, there were a lot of these bale plastics. Farmers used to burn them or discarded.

Now in New Zealand, a company has been collected the used plastic bales and recycled them to make baleboard. The boards are used for horse stalls and pig pen floors. The material are also used for docks, benches and tables. These boards are hardy and won't rust. What a great idea.

In my local Asian supermarket, I note they are also collecting the white plastic bags.

I googled and found that this experiment is also carried out in Canada and Norway.

Ka Pai to all these companies.


Al said...

I find it frustrating how difficult it is to recycle where I live - you have to pay to get people to pick up the recyclable materials, and there's almost nowhere that will take them if you try to drop them off.

rainfield61 said...

Supermarkets in Penang are no more providing plastic bags.

Reader Wil said...

Your country is doing a great job by recycling among other things plastic.
I heard about the tornado in Oakland this morning. Are you ok? I hope that these tornadoes stop for a while. In the USA was a horrible tornado last week.