Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ABC Wednesday:P for Peking/Beijing Duck


When I was growing up, Beijing used to be known as Peking.

Peking duck is a roasted duck, Slivers of thinly slice duck breast meat is skillfully cut and eaten in a little wrap with strips of cucumber and spring onion. I find this a wasteful way of eating duck. I like to gnaw on the bones.

This was taken in Singapore. The restaurant was called fortunate. I told my host, no wonder they make a fortune. They charge you for a whole duck, and give you a few slivers.


Mona said...

It tasted good, hope you can see my P entry, thanks.

Roger Owen Green said...

Still called Peking duck in the US, even though the city name has change. I love it, BTW.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gattina said...

I love Peking duck too,I ate it for the first time in Chinatown in London and I don't know why they changed the name of the city !

photowannabe said...

Peking Duck is such a tasty dish. You made me hungry just thinking about it. Great post. Like your last statement about charging for the whole duck and just getting slivers. (:0)

Ginny Hartzler said...

You have solved the mystery of Peking and Beijing for me!!! I couldn't figue out if they were two different places or had changed names or what. I have heard that Peking duck takes days to make and is almost impossible to do at home.

Mel_Cole said...

How nice that Beijing is known as Peking before. I never tasted duck meat yet. Would love you to visit my ABC Wednesday page here.

Hootin Anni said...

Hi Ann!! Your post today makes me hungry!!

Thank you so much for visiting with me yesterday, I'm trying now to play catchup and stop by with a smile and a big Texas "Howdy" for you. Your comment made my day. By the way, the 'white stuff' you asked about was just the sunlight on the ocean...and whitecap waves.
Here's My Thursday Post...Sting's Fields of Gold Have a wonderful day.

Martha Z said...

It has been years since I roasted a duck. I don't think I would be satisfied with a little sliver.