Sunday, October 31, 2010

scenic sunday: ship's figureheads


Inside the Sir Peter Black maritime museum in Auckland are many kinds of sea faring items. Here are some ships figureheads that had been recovered from actual ships. They are supposed to protect the ship.

I guess the owners of the Titanic did not believe in a figure head. It is a coincidence that my pastor Jonathan Dove of Mt Albert Baptist Church should preach on this unsinkable boat.

If you are interested in figureheads, do go on this link. It is very thorough.


Windsmoke. said...

G' Day From Australia, Mum was 89 years old and didn't suffer before she died, it was peaceful.

EG CameraGirl said...

Amazing the carvings on old ships!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Fascinating. I did follow the link, and thanks. I also have a post about figurheads showing a photo of one in a blue dress:


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Very interesting, Ann... and what a coincidence that your minister preached about that ship....

Neat figureheads.... I'm sure they did protect the ship.. That museum must be very interesting. I love museums.

George said...

These are wonderful figureheads. I find maritime museums to be absolutely fascinating.

Al said...

Very intricate, I bet they needed regular work if they're on the front of ships at sea!

genie said...

These figureheads are beautiful...the colors so vivid. What an interesting post. Thanks for commenting on my low water bridge. Why they are called that I do not know. They are all built of concrete to sustain the high flooding water the creek can carry after heavy ongoing rains. Why they are called “low water” I do not know.