Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo hunt :3


I went to the Gold Coast of Australia, and saw these bananas that looked as though they were dipped in some soft wax like plastic. I asked why and were told because the weather in the Gold Coast is so hot, the bananas ripen very quickly. Dipping them slows the ripening process.

I made these dimsums which some chefs call them as money bags.

Number three is an auspicious number to the Chinese. Three or SAN sounds like alive. Car plates with number 3 is very popular.


Tammie Lee said...

I have never seen dipped bananas.
Your dim sums look amazing. my mom made some of these when we were young, ummm yum.

Arija said...

The ends are dipped in red wax , it may slow the ripening process but it is maily for organic bananas that have no nasty chemicals on them, to protect the vulnerable end from decay.

Bitsa Lit said...

never saw dipped banannas before lol... but hey, ya learn something new every day!
I wish I could eat those dimsums right now! they look amazing!

Ruth said...

Those bananas make a great picture!

Ah Ngao said...

i think the Henghuas loves the number 3,eh?

Unknown said...

How interesting that the red wax helps bananas to stay good longer! Dimsums look yummy!

The tall grass in my Lake Huron photo is dry. But in a few weeks the grass will send up new shoots.

Glennis said...

The bananas look quite odd with their red dip. But I do like the look of the dimsims. Yum.
Good for you starting exercise, go for it, I am only into gentle walking but any type of movement is good for us. I couldn't walk with my daughter she is FAST.

Mrs. M said...

Wow! I learned much from this post. Thanks!