Friday, February 27, 2009

Wet Wet Wet 2

This is the commentary for the last post Wet Wet Wet. I have no idea why it didn't appear on the post.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge and Mt Eden Volcano are two iconic landmarks of Auckland City. All tourists to Auckland are taken to Mt Eden to get a 360 degrees paranomic view of the city.

I just took the bottom photo where we normally have a clear picture of our iconic Mt Eden Volcano. Now, the cloud has blanketed the mountain, and you can't see a thing. I had to go out, as it was Sam's karete upgrading examination. Many people were out on the road as well, despite the strong wind and rain.

The top photo is our Auckland Harbour Bridge. In a wet weather, motor bikers are discouraged from using the bridge. My daughter Gab bungy jumped from the bridge on a fine weather. I went to see her jump. Even on a good weather, the wind was very strong. This pix was taken last Wednesday when the weather was fine. I took it from across the harbour from Coyle's Park.

***I am uploading two other pix again***


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures though I cant see it wet from here..I was in Kuching last year, first time for me. Love the food and love the shopping even more. It was like a whole new world to me, I love culture, tradition and kuching certainly had plenty to offer. I remembered Bako very well, all those climbing for me was too much but I was so glad I made it. Happy weekend Ann.

dinzie said...

Pretty wet down here in Wellington as well - but not as bad as the top of the north island