Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thinking of my friend D, a bereaved Grand Mother.

Every morning, unless I am running late, I always check my emails.

For the last fortnight or so, I have been getting emails from D. in Australia. I have known D for almost twenty years now. She shared the news of her little grandson D born in Brazil, and how he was strickened with one problem or the other. The last three years, little D had cancer.

This morning, D sent that dreaded email. Little D has gone to heaven. He is not even six years old. How do I react? Is it a relief for them? I can't compared them to my losing my baby son Andrew. But I know, they will feel the loss. I have written many posts in my other blog, annkschin.blogspot.com.

When my Andrew was born, my pastor said he came to bring love. I am sure little D would have touched the hearts of many in Brazil and Australia. His parents and grandparents love for him would have impacted many. Now, there is enough suffering for D. It was time for him to return home to be with the Lord.

I am uploading a photo of a cat. Cats remind me of D. She had a cat, and she had many stories of cats.

Here. D and S, B and E. My thoughts are with you.


Jan said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:) You asked about my collage. Blogger now automatically uploads photos to Picasa. Picasa has a very easy way to make the collages. It's pretty much self-explanatory once you are in the Picasa editing section. I'm not very good at explaining it...in fact, that was one of the first few I've done so far. I'm sorry for your loss, which I know nothing about but gather from your post that it must have been your own child. I can't imagine the grief and pain that brings; yet, it seems like you have had faith and have wise counsel from your pastor, etc. Take care;)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the advice on collage.

Little D is the grandson of a very good friend, D. I have never seen him as he was born in Brazil, and later he went to live in Australia, where his Dad is from. But his Grandma D shares all the development of his sickness with us from the time he was born.

My own little Andrew became an Angel almost twenty years ago. I have moved on and I use my experience to counsel others. Thank you for your interest.