Saturday, August 22, 2015

My special girl friends from Indonesia.

 Wiwiknaomi and me today.

I have a special rapport with friends from Indonesia.
May be where I am from,
Sarawak, is part of Kilimantan.

I remember my friend Monica Indrawan.
We were both young mothers,
adapting to New Zealand when our husbands were grad students.

I remember especially late Leni Buddy.
We were mothers of teens.

The girl in the boutique said,
"You must be her very special friend for her to buy such an expensive top."

I remember Martha,
She like me faced afflictions.
I was glad I could be a big sister to her.

Now in Auckland,
I have befriended Wiwiknaomi and Silva.

Happy Indonesian Independence Day, on Aug 17th.

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Tabor said...

Such a blessing to have a good friend that survive the trials of life as you both grow and change.