Saturday, May 9, 2015



In 1977, I went to San Francisco to visit my Aunty Teresa. She took me to Lombard Street and told me that it was the crookiest road in the world.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.
I wrote a poem
On this Mothers' day,
I pray for those whose mothers have died.
I pray for those who can't be mothers.
I pray for those who have lost their children.
Not everyone is happy on this day.
I pray for everyone.
Happy Mothers' day.

We didn't always celebrate Mother's day.
The first time I encountered Mothers' day was in 1977. I was visiting my Aunty Teresa in San Francisco. They celebrated Mothers' day in a big way. The dads paid for a meal, the kids paid for another.  The queues were so long. The restaurants shouted all women a free drink.

Mothers' Day since Andrew's death had always been difficult. That first Mother's day when we came back to New Zealand, there was a prayer similar to my poem. It spoke to my heart as I have lost my mum and my child.

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fredamans said...

Very cool street!