Monday, April 13, 2015

Monkeys in the University

I lived in Nanyang Technological University for 16 years. It was communal living with expatriates from all over the world.
We also had locals, locals from the jungle which the two legged creature had encroached. Monkeys came out from their ever decreasing habitat.
My monkeys are so very funny, funnier than yours. episode 1, they chose my house to make their inaugural entrance. They came inside my house, the boss sat in my husband's dining chair, they moved to our lounge, left after eating french fries and took a canister of peanuts.The little ones just walked along the balcony banister. It was so funny to see him hold one canister with one hand, and climb the banister and back to the trees where some other monkeys were.

I was frozen afraid they would attack me. I tried to call out to the children upstairs to come down to watch.

The novelty worn off, and they became a nuisance when the not only stole fruits from the fruit bowl, they rip orchids thinking they were fruits.

Eventually the university got the pest control to trap the big boss, tranquilize him. I happened to be there to see it. With the boss gone, the rest of the monkeys retreated back to the jungle.

To my dying bed, I will remember this. They had to come to my house, media whore they were. I emailed it to the whole wide world via our NTU staff online magazine.

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