Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From China to Borneo to Beyond family photo to Biology now.

This photo was published in my : From China to Borneo to Beyond.
This photo was sourced by the Publisher WW Norton & Company to be in their Book: Biology Now.

Dear Ms. Ann Chen Jie Xue,

I am a photo editor/researcher working with the publisher WW Norton & Company Inc. on the forthcoming “Biology Now” by Anne Houtman et al.  "Biology Now" will cover new developments in research and in the news including topics of genetics, evolution, ecology and physiology.

We are hoping you can provide us with a high resolution digital image file and permission to publish a photo of "The Chan Family 1970".  The photo would be published relating to the information: Chinese women gave birth to about 5-6 children in the 1960s.  For publication, we would need a high res file at 300 dpi at least 5x7 inches. The photo appears on your blog at the link below.


Here are the details about our book project:

Title: “Biology Now”
Publisher: WW Norton & Company Inc.
Territory & Pub Date: North American, December 2014
Language: English
Print run: total 99,000 for the interior use in printed book including additional electronic rights: Ebook and resource library
We are happy to pay a fee for use of the photo and credit the photo as you request.
We greatly appreciate your kind help and look forward to your reply.

Fay Torresyap
bluedot projects
for WW Norton
65 jane street 8a
new york, new york 10014
tel 212-463-8711

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