Monday, August 18, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Letter F for Flags

Flags of the different states that form Malaysia.

Photo: Last year, I went to a celebration and saw this giant flag.


The August 19th – Day of Hope Prayer Flag Project is a profoundly moving, poignant and healing event to break the silence surrounding the death of babies and children. It is also an incredibly touching way to honour their lives. Each year we have thousands of people taking part across the globe, making this a truly inspiring event.
The Project itself begins on July 1st and will end on August 19th 2014. You can join the Project at any point between these two dates. We invite you all to make a Prayer Flag in memory of your children that have died. In the process of making your Prayer Flag you are able to give yourself some time to honour your own personal journey and reflect on your grief and healing as well. On August 19th we will be stringing our Prayer Flags up in our homes, gardens or places that are significant to us, all over the world. We will then be sharing them in photographs and video clips with the rest of the world through social media.


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Reader Wil said...

Beautiful post Ann! Thanks for your comment. She gave it to my granddaughter, because she didn't like grapes, neither did my granddaughter.

Wil, ABCW Team.

Gerald (SK14) said...

excellent project