Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mussels: New Zealand Green Lip mussels

The mussels you buy from the super markets are quite clean, Rinse them under cold running water.Remove the beard growing out from the two shells.
Sometimes, there are barnacles growing on the shells, scrap them with a small knife.
Discard any that have broken shells.

(1)Chop garlic, ginger and onions, brown, add chilli flakes. (wine optional)
Add the mussels, stir to get mixed with(1) plus a little salt.

Cover the pot.

Check if done, when the shells open.

Add 2 inch lengths of s[ring onions.

Serve with steamed rice.

New Zealand is famous for her mussels. Here's what we had for dinner last night.

According to James Michener, a particle of mussel shell is left in an oyster. This irritant becomes the growth of an oyster pearl.

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