Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thursday Challenge: Green Cool Wall.

Photo: I am watching Masterchef Oz, and see a restaurant with a whole wall with creepers. Last week, I was at South port, and saw this.


In Australia last week I was intrigued by the Ferry Road Market. I saw this massive upstairs wall of the exterior wall. I watched on TV another wall, which is very green.

As I am always interested in environmental issues, I posted this in my Facebook, asking my readers if this "creepered" wall will keep the building cool. My friend Andrew Lim said yes, and he is their distributor.

(Sorry, this post is in caps, I have no idea why.)

.it's called...ATLANTIS Gro-Wall Vertical 

Garden System...I am their Distributor for East 

Malaysia, Brunei & Kalimantan, Indonesia!!!

"MODERN" (Contemporary, Fashionable, Architecture, Interiors, Advanced, Cool,...)

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Leora said...

I like when builders put green on walls or other architectural surfaces.

Suzy said...

That does look cooling. Nice interpretation for the prompt.