Tuesday, July 2, 2013

abc wednesday: Letter Y for Yao Ming, and Doctor Sun Yat Sen


The most famous Chinese in the contempory world must be Yao 

Ming. He  is a retired Chinese professional basketball player 

who last played for the Houston Rockets of the National 

Basketball Association (NBA). At the time of his final season, 

he was the tallest active player in the NBA, at 2.29 m (7 ft 6 in).[1]

Dr Sun Yat Sen, the Father of modern China. Sun Yat-sen 

University, informally called Zhongshan University 

(simplified Chinese中山大学traditional Chinese中山大學;

 pinyin:Zhōngshān Dàxué), has a main campus in 

GuangzhouGuangdong province, and a secondary one in 

Zhuhai. The University is named after the man who founded it in 1924 - Sun Yat-sen,

I spent last evening with young people like Yulia to learn
Chinese and we learned Famous Chinese personalities.

My grandpa would have been very proud of me when I 
shared my knowledge of Dr Sun Yat Seng. Speaking in 
Mandarin was quite scary when you don't have the vocab.

I went on to speak on 2 characters who could be friends, 
and I chose Li Na the Tennis French Open Champion and the 
first Chinese astronaut.  Yang Liwei being launched aboard 
Shenzhou 5, becoming the first man sent into space by the 
Chinese space program

Finally, I chose Bruce Li in a guessing game.


Photo: CLN会员论坛这个星期的题目-有名华人


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