Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thursday Challenge: Duster

Mother was a very creative and hands-on person. When the synthetic raffia string came to the market, she got me to crochet a tube. Then she encased it in a long bamboo pole.  I hooked on lengths of raffia string. When I hooked on about 18 inches, she hammered nails into a  small piece of plank  and the end result was a metal brush. Together we brushed the strings and the end result was a brush like the photo. Nobody taught her how to do it, she just did it.

She used it to sweep spider cobs on the ceiling. We had moved into our brand new house. She didn't want us to dirty or ruin it. This brush was only for the ceiling. It was made or particle board and she was worried we would poke a hole in it.

40 years on, Mum had died 25 years. I saw this brush at the resource room at school. I remember the brush mum and I made. I had a warm fuzzy feeling, I wonder if anyone else made such a brush.

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magiceye said...

Very creative indeed!

Lovely take

Jama said...

I remembered there was a craze here in Singapore too, my school friends and I made some for our homes. Now we just buy them off the shelf, cos they are so cheap.

Neeraj | www.bharari.net said...

That's a rainbow brush :)

My entry: http://www.bharari.net/international-womens-day/

Indrani said...

That is a very colorful one. :)