Friday, May 17, 2013

Photohunting: Glass

 see the picnic basket with the red plate?

Katie's wedding was held at Sanctuary Cove, on the Gold Coast. There were a lot of glass, and my brother Joseph joked they were diamonds.

After the wedding service, the bridal party went down to the garden for their photo shoot. We were upstairs having drinks and snacks. I took these photos through the glass windows. I also wanted to record them enjoying the picnic Elizabeth and I made for them, and the drinks Henry, Kalang and Kee Yong bought.

If you can't see the picnic basket, it is glass window's fault.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of great glass shots in this collection of pictures - well done!

Have a super weekend.

MaR said...

Lovely choices of glass :) Love seeing the handsome bridal couple too.


Bing said...

elegant glass! :) so lovely to look at.

mine's take is here

Unknown said...

bling bling bling,