Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lashop:Photography and lighting

Family Portraits Never Looked Better
The gang and I, and by that I mean the wife and my two kids, were out and about on a beautiful Saturday morning not too long ago. We were out shopping. It’s sort of our favorite pastime because I can stroll around and look at my phone and follow my fantasy baseball teams while my wife takes the kids into the box stores to find cheap clothing – we get cheap clothing because they just dirty it up and rip it all up anyway, so don’t judge. Well, we were in the mall, and I was minding my own business, when my wife decides that today would be a perfect day for a family portrait. Now I hadn’t had a hair cut in some time, and I certainly didn’t shower that morning, but when the wife gets a notion in her head there’s no steering away from it. So we went to the photo area of the department store, I couldn’t believe that still existed, and we got set up. There were using an interesting looking lighting kit, and they got the photo backgrounds set up so we could have our choice. I was more interested in the gear they were using than in the photo, which is just fine because my opinion about the photos themselves would surely go unheeded. After the shot, where I tried to look as happy as I could, I asked the employees what kind of equipment they were using. They told me they’d gotten most of their equipment at thelashop.com for relatively inexpensive. Well, the photos came out pretty good, so now it’s my job to find someone who will frame them for us so we can hang them on the walls leading up from the front door up to the second floor of the house. Everyone knows that’s where you’re supposed to hang such photos, so that everyone can see your family.

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