Friday, April 12, 2013

Mt Albert Baptist Community Weekend.

excuse my grass and earth stained T-Shirt. It attracted the attention of a stranger asking me why I was wearing this T-shirt.

We had an  opportunity to make our community a better place 

by some simple acts of service. 

Project Specific: Info

# Oakley Creek: If you have them bring your own garden 

gloves and/or a spade. But most things will be provided

# Community Garden: Garden gloves if you have them 
& sturdy shoes. Any named Garden tools are 

appreciated:   2-3 wheel barrows, 4 shovels, 4 spad

es, 4 garden forks, trowels, some buckets.  Other stuff 

welcome:  lots of thick cardboard and newspaper

# Wesley Primary Gardens: Weeding appropriate tools and 

gloves.  Wheelbarrrows, shovels (for some mulch)

# Wesley Primary Painting: Brushes, rollers, paint tins/containers, drop cloths! Ladders. 

Jeff Orr in charge.

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