Monday, November 7, 2011

yellow mellow/ruby red/rednesday Playground equipment.

I am showing you this rope mountain which must be 5 storeys high. I went less than 1/3 and I had to give up.

This is at Coyle's park which is near to my school. Compare this to the eagles nest that was newly installed in the school.

Children start playing cricket at an early age.




Our school has a new challenging equipment. It is called the eagle's nest and is very high. The money is raised by the PTA, and the seniors take turns to play on it. The kids love it.

LOL, I must clarify and should have written seniors of a primary school. the juniors are very jealous.

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Carole M. said...

coming to you from Ruby Tuesday; interesting rope climb. Am sure the children love getting up there and proving who can make it to the top

Liz said...

That looks fun!

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Maria @ LSS said...

How fun!

Unknown said...

I like to compete that is why I like to try that rope climbing, ^_^

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Betsy Banks Adams said...

That rope equipment looks like something which kids (and adults) would love... People love challenges like that. Me???? Think I'll just stand next to it and WATCH.... ha

Roberto Machado Alves said...

Great ideas. I liked them.

Roberto,Rio de Janeiro.

Al said...

That looks like an awesome playground. I suspect they wouldn't build that in my country due to the liability issues if someone fell.

genie said...

I would love to see the children playing cricket. That would be a special treat for the eyes. It is a fun sport. Don’t think I would have made it up the rope as far as you did. I think you did really well. genie

Rosemarie said...

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penny said...

A delightful selection of yellows and reds, Ann.

Felisol said...

Children love a good challenge. Here they are overprotected on the playgrounds. They get bored and start destruction instead of construction.Luckily our neighbour had some wonderful furs that he allowed our kids to climb. To hear them laugh from thrill and sing while they were swaying on the branches.
I bet your children likewise are enjoying their playground equipments.

Dave said...

I note that the cl;imbers are boys Ann. I guess it's a boy's game - Dave

Jama said...

I can find a few rope mountain here, but has never climb up. Don't want to embarrass myself if I fall down, so I rather stay on the ground and watch others doing it.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Looks like fun!

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Carletta said...

Ann, this is another wonderful piece of playground equipment I don't think we'd find on our playgrounds because of the 'possibility' of injury. It's a wonder concept and it sure looks like the kids are enjoying it.

Animor said...

Interesting rope, like a spider web too. It looks hard to climb there, but I would love to try if I'm there.

Mine is here:


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